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About Us

Our Philosophy

Little Slice of Ocean provides your aquatic pets with the elements they need not just to survive, but to thrive. We believe in bringing the beauty of an underwater echo system right to your home or business. With our mix of knowledge and art, we are able to recreate an underwater world that mirrors the tranquility of our great oceans and lakes.

Whether you are looking for a saltwater aquarium, freshwater aquarium, or maintenance to an existing aquarium, let us provide exactly that to your satisfaction. We feel it is very important to conserve the majestic reefs that have provided us with so much inspiration and we strive to do our part.

Monte and Cristal Myler

Founding Owners

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Brands We Trust

Full Service Custom Aquarium & Maintenance

Phone (407) 457-9283    

  Little Slice Of Ocean

Custom Aquarium's and Maintenance

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