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Freshwater Planted Aquarium


Freshwater Aquarium Design

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Freshwater aquariums can provide stunning color and incredible movement for a compelling enhancement to any commercial environment. Freshwater aquariums can be populated with an array of different species of fish in order to match a certain color scheme or fulfill a specific landscaping design – all to meet your design considerations.

Fresh water aquarium maintenance

Our expert staff will manage the complete construction and installation of the aquarium. Once the design is complete, we will work with your architects and contractors to coordinate and manage the construction and installation of the aquarium. In addition to installing and maintaining your aquarium, we can renovate and relocate your aquarium for you. Whether you are moving or your space is being renovated, our staff can handle all of your aquarium requirements.

Little Slice of Ocean offers maintenance services that will keep your aquarium healthy and thriving for many years. We offer 24-hour services and are available for any emergencies that may arise.

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Take the extra work and worry out of moving your aquarium. Our skilled technicians will handle the entire process, from disassembly to cleaning to reassembling your aquarium at its new location.


The staff at Little Slice of Ocean are experts in all aspects of maintenance. We will keep your fish and plant life healthy, and your aquarium sparkling clean.


We have the experience and skill to complete any aquarium installation smoothly and on schedule. We will also work closely with third parties like your builder or architect to be sure everything is perfect.

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Custom Aquarium's and Maintenance

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